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Driven by insights. Designed with intuition. Detailed for intrigue.


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"The only reason we make films is to entertain.

Everything else is just a co-incidence!"

We are a rapidly growing league of restless artists, who are insatiably  hungry, foolish and obsessed with telling stories and making them great. We are unconditionally committed to people, brands  and organizations who share our urge to breakfree from the ordinary and are uncompromisingly honest to their own vision and intent.

Our team is ignited by the shared hatred for the greed, gluttony, unethical and unchallenged ways of working of a conventional production house and we are changing that everyday, by doing what we do best. 




We reduce human errors and dependencies with sophisticated software - like our review tools which let you draw and comment right on the video frame, and the data is synced in directly with the NLEs. Now thats Cool!!!

With blazing fast 64 bit devices, our post production begins right in the meeting room, synced in realtime with all our teams and studios.


Film production is very demanding. And with today's stressful fast paced deadlines, we know how crucial it is for you to have a smooth, 'smiling', satisfying experience. Well, thats what you get- first time, everytime!






Bang on, entertaining,

30-60-90 seconder ads

propogated via online and offline platforms 

Those actor centric, scripted long form narratives that imbibe the brand seamlessly

Animations, Virals,  and those quick cool videos that wow people, ending up in their timeline & show off

Flop Films is a Digital Video Agency for the best brands, ad agencies and enterprises looking for the best of production house and creative agency that makes awesome viral videos, TVCs, video campaigns, promotional videos, corporate films. And this is Flop Films' Logo. Oh Yeah!



Co-founder & The Resonater

At an age most kids were busy asking for toys, he asked questions that challenged the very fundamentals of the way we design our life. And when education failed to give him any meaningful learning, he dumped it, trained himself in VFx, Sound Design, and every possible course they had to offer,  worked with the biggest studios in the country, grew increasingly dissatisfied with their work and culture, and joined

Flop Films to show them how its done. 

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Possibly the Best Human Emoticon EVER!

 She is a nuclear plant of energy and excitement. You never have to tell her anything a second time, if she hasn't already figured it out that is. And you know she is around when the whole place lights up with laughter and frolic like never before. Oh and just a headsup  - its impossible to deny her what she wants - especially if you are a client or a vendor. 


Chief Happiness Officer

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They said media needed sight.

He said it needed a vision.

So he topped the Mumbai University, found himself un-employable, failed quickly at his first venture, freelanced to pay off debts and started Flop Films to change the world, the fun way!

 At Flop Films, he produces, writes, directs, edits and pokes his trouble making nose in much of the work, is always confused about what to eat and loves meeting new artists. 


Founder & Right Brain

CONTACT US        +91 7045414667

Goregaon East, Mumbai

Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to us. We will respond to your message in just a bit. Meanwhile, if you need something on priority, just pick up that phone and give us a call ;)

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