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 "Nerdesin birader?"  that roughly translates to "Where are you Brother?" is an exciting Television series produced by FilmEvi (Istanbul) and telecasted on FoxTV. Featuring Timur Acar, a well known actor and superstar from Turkey, the story revolves around a Turkish actor struggling to find his feet in the glamorous film industry of India popularly called Bollywood. Flop Films is proud to have produced the Indian episodes of the series in record time. We not only took care of all legit permissions, but also managed casting, scripting, choreography, logistics and even arranged for Police Protection for the crew, all  at half the cost and one third the time quoted by our nearest competitor. And here is how it turned out to be 


Remote Recce

We scouted over 100 locations relevant to the script and presented videos and photos to the Turkish team with detailed dimensions and floor maps. As the scripts were creatively modified, we repeated the entire process with utmost ease and joy.

Legit Permissions

Ditching the fool-hardy way of guerrilla shoots, we secured over 20 permissions from various Government departments and even film unions. We also secured additional permissions so that the director could later have the freedom to improvise, should he choose to do so. 

Set Design

Real time updates on sets, detailed sharing of references, textures, art and props is what it took to build all sets remotely and within budgets. 

Casting & Auditions

From background actors to supporting cast, we carried out extensive rounds of auditions and negotiations for booking every single artist on set. All auditions were shared with the Director and the producer via the cloud.  

Music & Choreo

Flop Films interfaced the process of music selections and copy rights. As the director was still undecided about which portion to select for the dance, we jumped in on the spot and choreographed the piece in 15 minutes on set. The Turkish crew just stood their in awe of it all :)

Dialogues & Translations

Flop Films executed overnight translation of the script and our in-house writers penned down dialogues for the various characters in one go. Needless to say the director aproved it in one glance. 

Full Scale Production

From duel ARRI set ups, steadycams,  multi-channel sync sound to drones, tracks and last minute requests of the director, we handled it end to end for the crew at unbeatable costs. In fact, when we felt that the DOP may need more lights for a particular scene or so , we stepped in and brought in all the lights of our own discretion to save the day.  

On Set  DIT

We provided one of the most experienced DITs of our industry who managed to create 3 master and 5 back ups for 2 ARRIs, Osmo, Go pro, Drone and multichannel sync sound without breaking a sweat. We also brought in our own macs and storage RAIDs for added back up.

Police Protection

Flop Films arranged for Police Protection of the entire crew and in sensitive areas , police patrol cars were stationed to ensure a safe and hassle-free environment. An ambulance and a team of paramedics were also kept on stand by at every location. 

Cloud Driven

Realtime review, feedback and selection right from recce to set design. Faster, Smarter, Cheaper.


Locations, cultural practices, concept development, scripting or whatever it is the project needs us to do ...

End to End Productions

From equipments to crew, pre to post, production is just a matter of a few phone calls thanks to decades of collective experience of our producers

Most of this is in-house, saving loads of  time & cost. 

Legit Permissions

We enjoy great relationships & associations to ensure we can deliver in stipulated time frames with all necessary permissions. 

Uniform Prices 

Unbiased pricing across projects and quotes driven by reason, not insecurity

Thats a fundamental promise!

Multi-talented People

Our producers are award winning Directors, DOPs, writers & film-makers. So they look at a location as a DOP & cut costs like a Director.  

Across India, Nepal, Singapore and Turkey, our producers are a joy to work with. Why not contact us and find out first hand ? 


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