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The Goal

Think of a goal as a change in the customer's psyche towards your brand & enterprise. Once you lock the end result, we device the strategy to get there. And if we don't achieve it for you, we forego our money too. Thats what we call 'commitment'.

Enterprise Branding

HR, PR, CorpCom, Sales, EHS all need great videos but settle for second grade productions as they do not have budgets like the Branding and marketing teams. We're changing that. Because we look at it as a wholesome video strategy, we bring the same planning & finesse to your internal videos without bloating budgets. How ? Economies of scale, bro :) 

Plan & Schedule 

In an age where marketing is almost real time, planning your productions is super crucial. It also affects costs and brings in possibilities of deeper collaboration between your internal teams. And helps harness tent-polls !


Did you know every social platform treats video playback, resolution, sound, optimisation, Digital Rights, thumbnails and promotion differently? 90% of brands never bother to put high quality thumbnails, claim DRM on youtube  or optimise audio & video for Whatsapp? We are certified to take care of it all - right from the planning stage. 

UGC & Community

Comscore, Interbrand & others have more than enough stats to prove video will be the most dominant element in social &  digital marketing. To meet those volumes and capitalise the buzz, we help you build communities of influencers, content creators and customers who become the evangelists to shave your brand's narrative.  

Video Mix

With so many variables on the creatives, production, platforms & propagation, we design a detailed mix for you including all the internal enterprise video right at the outset . We work together with your creative agency & branding teams  to ensure perfect synergy. Sweet, right?

Too much to read? Why not just book a free consultation and see it all in action? 



As a content creator, you compete with the likes of Netflix, BuzzFeed, stand-ups & hundreds of YouTubers for the limited time your customer has. The best way to lure them is to create unique narrative experiences or what we call properties. 

Capacity Building

Well, this may be counter-intuitive. But we train your internally relevant teams to spot viral moments and grab them right with their smart phones or cameras such that we can package them as your Facebook virals and Insta stories and much beyond. When video is becoming the story of the world, wouldn't it be relevant to teach the language to those shaping the narrative?  

UGC & Community 

We look at the core structure of your business, the values of your brand and then work on developing content generation strategies with your   customers, influencers, users, and key stakeholders. 

Psss ... We need elaborated content for our SEO. But you don't need to read it all. Simply book now or give us a call.



Quick, fun, viral social content made as animatix, live and shot videos - even adaptations. Great to capture the tent-poll days & respond rapidly to key   events. They are cheap, fast, frequent, build loyal communities & are highly sharable. But they have to be planned well, in advance.  

Web Series

Customers love threads of content because they don't have to keep searching for something to watch. Thats where a series kicks in. We can help you turn ad messages into great stories your customers would love to share & come back to.

Tech Innovations

From interactive videos,360 videos to the exciting realm of  AR and VR, we've got you covered. Tech & Technique are at the core of our DNA, influencing the way we think and the way we film. We vow to Wow and love to take a bow.

Overnight StoryBoard

Right from TVCs down to content, we develop Story Boards & Vision Boards that help you visualise the end product accurately. Unless there is a need for precise details, we can deliver this literally overnight.

International Line Productions

From our offices in Mumbai, Istanbul, Katmandu & Singapore, we can deliver productions across India, Europe, Nepal & Asia in less than 48 hours flat. Our approach and processes have enabled us to produce at twice the speed and one-third the cost of our closest competitors, in an ethical, legit and systematic way.

Talent Collective

We're fortunate to work with some of the best artists across the world, whose stories are full of restless passion, innovation & underdog triumph. From writers who left a 5 million per year job, EPs who supervised post houses since the age of 17 , to Sound Engineers who literally re-engineered sound, our collective is to die for.

In less than 3 years, we have grown over 100% year on year. No ad spends what so ever. Curious to find out why? You know what to do :)


Raw 4k & RED 

Right from content to TVCs, we shoot in RAW 4k at the minimum and deliver in UHD which is  4 times the resolution of HD. Our DVCs are shot on the incredible RED cameras at prices that leave our competitors tearing their hair apart. We can achieve this because of rigorous training and our custom designed post production infrastructure.  

Mobile Studio 

Emails are inefficient, confusing, stupid ways of reviewing & collaborating on projects in a mobile first world. We use leading cloud technology & 64 bit devices that enable you to remotely review our videos, chat with colleagues and even download them for offline views, all via a simple, secure url. And all this feedback syncs directly with our NLEs in real time so our studios get to work right away. When that's not enough, we bring our entire studio to your office, so that we can work around your schedules and convenience. That's the genius of our custom tech :D

Media Archives 

Less than 20 to 30% of the footage shot, is actually used for post production? We archive all the media you have ever produced over the past 5 years and allow anywhere viewing and access. Send us request like "We need  good farm shots of our tractor" or "Can you find something good to showcase at our office" and we will deliver via secure cloud link. Simple- the power of meta data with cloud based acceleration & indexing.

Most of the videos produced today are either 'Content' targeted at social & internal channels, , 'Digital Video Commercials aka DVCs' which are ad films - usually longer than a minute - that are made specifically for digital platforms or 'Television Commercials aka 'TVCs' that are made for the TV ad slots of 30,60 or 90 seconds. Usually, content gets the lowest budget share and TVCs grab the highest. Content and DVCs are also handed to newer kids on the block while TVCs are the domain of the well established production houses. So, for most agencies and brands, content somehow is acceptable at a lower production quality and TVCs end up looking like feature films or better. Not with Flop Films. For the ease of communication though, let us walk with these generic assumptions as we explore our production benchmarks and processes.

Video Strategy
Content Creation
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