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A Mumbai University topper in Bachelor's of Mass Media, Anand is driven by an urge to create and a passion to make things better.  

With over 100 Digital works to his credit across Fashion, Luxury, Music, Liquor, Home Decor, Life Style, Healthcare and even Sustainability, Anand is an award winning Director preferred by leading agencies and brands. Being the only Visually Impaired Film Maker in Asia, he has been featured in several publications & a book titled 'YOU CAN'.


Founder & Right Brain


who loves to toy with technology 


Singer Song-writer 


1st B'Plan at the age of 8


E.P. & The Resonator

At an age kids obsess over toys, Sahil questioned  the fundamentals of how we design our life. By 16, he figured formal education had no meaningful learning and dumped it to train himself in every professional course Bombay had to offer at the time.   Certified in Sound  Recording, Vfx, Cinematography and tonnes more, Sahil’s first job as a recordist was Amir Khan starrer Ghajni. At the age of 17, he was a post supervisor at the biggest post houses in Mumbai. With over 75 digital ads and projects to his credit, he is a man of few words and breath taking frames.  

Sound Engineer

with a passionate  precision 

EP-DOP-Visual Designer

Master of Simplicity

Connoisseur of Cars

He can feel their heart beat


Chief Happyness Officer

Karishma is a Nuclear Power House of talent and excitement. A self-taught Digital Marketer, dancer, actor, mimicry artist & a great manager, she started working from the age of 16, doing everything   from sweating it out   with event companies to managing customer acquisition drives for a dance academy. She has the rare gift of compassion and empathy.  Its almost impossible to deny her what she wants, especially if you are a vendor or client. And you know she is around when the entire place lights up with laughter and frolic.  

Business Relations

she cares deeply for her customers 

Chief AD - Productions 

she builds every frame in every way

Dog Whisperer

Everywhere she goes, dogs follow


Chief Frame Engineer

Once his fingers touch the buttons of a mouse, Samir becomes a wizard with the Midas touch. Over the past decade, Samir has been immersed in realms of story telling via 2D animations, interactive video programming, e-learning, editing and even coding. So deep is his commitment and genius that on countless occasions, he has single-handedly executed in 36 hours, jobs which  would conventionally take 2-3 weeks by a team of at least  12 to 15 Vfx artists. And this is when he had to learn and figure things out on his own ...   


His edits begin on set

VFx-  Editor-Animator

He looks. He figures. He kills.


with a soulful voice


Director: Strategy & Product Development 

With less than 5% eyesight, inspiring vision and an exceptional mind, Apoorv led where ever he went and changed things for the better. As the General Secretary of his college, he helped scale the college festival almost 3x, changed University examination norms for disabled students    and became a Charted Accountant in first attempt, all at the same time. After 4 years at KPMG, he studied business at Stanford GSB and is the first visually impaired student from Asia to do so, backed by coveted scholarships. Legend in the making ...

 Freeking Genius

with ideas & their execution

 Stanford Gard

school of business

 Fitness Pro

50-60 km just for fun 

Underdogs by passion.     Artists by creation.    Foolish by choice.


 L'homme du son 

Some people are genius at sound. And then there are those like Mohur who are born for it & live for it. With an extremely sharp intellect & a strong business itch, at 23, Mohur re-engineered sound gear from companies like Sennheiser, Zoom and Avid to build his own custom tech with incredible quality and detailing, shocking their top management. Every audio jack he owns is made of pure gold . Is it any wonder that he is one of the most sought after sound designer across India? You have to hear him to believe him. 

 Chicken Addict

can drive 100s of kms for it

 Sound Minded

in every possible way

 Car Romancer

fast, good looking cars 


 Poète de musique  

Vrashal had a successful computer business when one day, he didn't find it challenging enough. He stumbled upon the phrase Sound Engineer and assumed it had to do something with computers. So he simply went to Ram Sampath and got himself  a job. Ever since, everything that you can remember from Ram Sampath’s studios over the past 7 years was produced by Vrashal Chavan. When he stepped out on his own, we grabbed him with both hands. His credits include iconic works for Thumbs Up, Amazon, Colgate, films like Raees, Talash and many many more. After watching him compose for 36 hours nonstop, it seems unbelievable that he has no training in music.


plays computers like an Orchestra 


arranges instruments like poetry 


makes music or tinkers with tech


 Chief Set Designer

A man of monk-like-simplicity and Xen-like-calm, prima facie you will never guess that Chandan Thakre runs a multi-million dollar empire of sets, studios and properties. He came to Mumbai with nothing more than a 100 rupee note in his pocket and today is the go-to set designer for Zee Studios and many well known Directors. Such is his repute and integrity that a mere mention of him or a simple phone call from his team is sufficient to get the job done anywhere in Mumbai. He is like a brother to the Flop Team.   

Vidarbha Food

cooked on dung & fire 

Reverse Engineering

and doing the impossible 


who can turn any site into a set


 Associate Producer : India

Over the past 18 years, every film Nitesh has worked on was legendary. Today he is the go to man for leading Directors like Imtiaz Ali, Rohit Shetty and a must have member for Red Chillies. Because he can arrange for anything you can imagine, in 10 minutes, just by a phone call. There is no one in Bollywood who would not attend his requests and yet the man is so humble you wont spot him walking by you on a normal day. Encouraging talent and nurturing them is Nitesh's passion, having helped many top actors and artists in their struggling days. We are extremely fortunate to have him on board as our associate producer. 

Punctual & Fast

and  mighty serious about it too

Meticulous Producer

with attention to detail 

Fair & Honest

whether you like it or not


 Director & Associate Producer: Turkey

Growing up across 3 continents - Europe, America and UK - Selin has gathered deep insights into cultures, societies & behavioural patterns.  With the soul of a traveller and the curious intellect of an anthropologist, she is a Producer - Director with a unique, fresh, authentic perspective of life and its intricacies. Having studied media Arts and Film Craft at Royal Holloway (London), she has award winning commercials with top brands and agencies as well as tv shows to her rather long list of credits. off everything she does, she is especially awesome with extreme-action, beauty and fashion and automobiles. Oh and did we mention - she is just 24.

Zealous Traveller  

for 6 weeks in a year

Loves filming  

candid scenes with her C300


her pitbull  soulmate  


 Director & Associate Producer: Nepal

For 3 decades now, Tsering is one of the most successful producers in Nepal, recommended by the Nepalese Government itself. His credits include a long long list of  award winning feature films, commercials, TV shows  with leading directors and organisations like the UNDP, World Bank, BBC and many many more. He is a person of infinite talent, patience and a virtuous honesty that just makes you stop and stair, perhaps even rethink your approach to business and life. We are extremely happy to have him on board.     

Loves Morning Walks  

during which he is not available 


a man of many talents, many hats

Values Time  

extremely particular about time


  Associate Producer: Singapore

Ever since she was 3, Krittika has been a student of performing arts, especially dance. Graduating in mass media and later free lancing in various capacities, she has acquire a detailed understanding and a first hand experience of film productions. Being an entrepreneur in spirit, a traveller at heart and a dancer in her soul, she innately understands nuances of culture, locations, expressions , performances and the subtler elements that add up to a great film. 


as  many as possible


with a great sense of camera 

Health &  Nutrition   

expert and fitness pro


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