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If there is one thing we can do with our eyes closed, its launching brands and products

through launch campaigns comprising of commercial films and video content strategically 

made for specific points in the consumer journey. And we get results! 

Ask any of them

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tuneCORE Unlimited

India leg with celebrity singer Nikhita Gandhi - part of a global campaign that launched Tunecore Unlimited - an annual subscription service that allows independent musicians to put out unlimited songs per year to all streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify etc. Across 11 countries including USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, our production was ranked the 'Best Worldwide'. 


So good was the video footage and photos from this campaign, that the brand made an exception and allowed Singer Nikhita Gandhi to use in the official album art  and  in the global release of her music video titled "Maharani".

Modern Kitchen

Rebranding Sleek

When Asian Paints acquired Sleek Kitchens, Flop Films was sole selected to be the Video Agency in the  multi-agency rebranding drive. After market research, we strategically targeted specific customer objections with a series of 3 high value films including re-designing their factory, elaborate VFx and custom music.